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Anxiety is a common response to actual or perceived events/thoughts that occur in everyday life. In many instances, a healthy level of anxiety can be useful toward propelling action and performance. A lack of any form of anxiety has also shown to decrease performance. However, anxiety can become problematic when in abundance, and can even hinder everyday life and activities. To learn more about anxiety and Therahealing Psychological Services, PLLC approach to treatment see ‘Read More’ tab below:



Sadness is a normal and natural part of life, usually experienced in reaction to everyday challenges or upsetting events. Sadness can be felt in different intensities, but usually resolves in a short amount of time. When sadness persists and/or intensifies in such that it begins to affect everyday life and normal functioning, then a person may be suffering from depression. Depression is an actual disorder that one can not easily “snap out of.” To learn more about depression and Therahealing Psychological Services, PLLC approach to treatment see ’Read More’ tab below:

Postpartum Depression


Postpartum depression is a term that has been widely used to explain the depressive symptoms following the birth of a child. Postpartum is NOT the same as “baby blues” that a majority of mothers experience within days and up to 2-3 weeks post pregnancy. Postpartum depression meets the same criteria for Major Depressive Disorder, and is much more persistent and enduring, and can also be accompanied with more seriously indicated symptoms of psychosis, although psychotic symptoms are extremely rare in most cases. To learn more postpartum depression and Therahealing Psychological Services, PLLC approach to treatment see ‘Read More’ tab below:

Relationship Distress



Relationship distress can be described as anxious or depressive symptoms as a result of issues within a relationship and/or the aftermath of a break-up, separation or divorce. Individuals usually seek therapy for help dealing with romantic relationships, however, relationship distress can occur in all relationships such as family, friends and even coworkers. To learn more about relationship distress and Therahealing Psychological Services, PLLC approach to treatment see ‘Read More’ tab below:



Psychological trauma occurs when an individual either experiences or witnesses someone close to them endure an extremely upsetting event or events; and as a result has difficulty fully integrating the experience emotionally. Often such exposure can produce a temporary or prolonged stress reaction resulting in intrusive thoughts/memories of the event(s), negative mood, dissociation, avoidance of internal and external reminders of the event(s) and hyper physiological arousal. To learn more about trauma and  Therahealing Psychological Services, PLLC to treatment see ‘Read More’ tab below:

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