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Family Therapy

What is family therapy?

Family therapy is designed to address issues/concerns that relate to the entire family. When a family enters treatment, the treatment is not focused on any one individual but the entire family unit. Family therapy often examines the different roles each member may play in the family, the ways in which each member relates to one another and an examination of any patterns/cycles that may no longer be helpful when resolving family conflict. Issues related to generational patterns may also be examined. 

Why do people seek family therapy?

Family therapy is generally useful for a multitude of reasons, such as parenting difficulties, sibling rivalry, difficult life adjustments (e.g., moving to a new location, loss of employment, substance use, illness/sickness). These  issues can affect the entire nuclear unit and even extended family members. In some instances, you may seek family therapy to have help in better relating and understanding a specific family member.

What can I expect to get out of family therapy?

Family therapy is particularly helpful in providing a safe, open environment separate from the home to process difficult and/or distressing events. Family therapy also provides new communication skill tools toward better relating with your loved ones. 

Treatment Approach:

Therahealing Psychological Services, PLLC, applies an integrative structural systems approach to therapy. Ways in which the family current functions will be examined, while making adjustments accordingly for more healthy family functioning. Much of this is done by direct observation of both verbal and non-verbal behaviors and the potential meaning behind those gestures. We will further work together toward re-structuring the family unit in a way that each individual feels safe and secure. 

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