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  • Mental Health Awareness: Although mental health is generally celebrated each year in the month of May, mental health is conversation that should be had on daily basis, with psycho-education on not only understanding more about mental health, but how to support others who struggle with mental health concerns as well. Consultation services involving public speaking events to raise mental health awareness are available. Areas of expertise include: anxiety, depression, trauma/PTSD, postpartum depression and relationship issues. 

  • Work-Life-Balance Workshops: In today's high pressured western society, their is much emphasis on achievement but not very much on how to be successful while still balancing one's personal life and time for self-care. Consultation workshops focus on examining evaluating realistic expectations; prioritizing and goal setting; creating healthy emotional boundaries and mindfulness activities. ​

  • Strengthening Marriage/Relationships Workshops: According to John Gottman and his work on the 7 Principles of Lasting Marriage, there are important elements every couple can incorporate to increase longevity in their relationship. As a professional trained in this particular method, consultation services are available to small groups upon request. 

  • New Parent Training: Relationships can be challenging enough without considering the additional challenges that going from a dynamic of just two people to now three. As you and your partner merge your knowledge and life experience of your own values and parenting styles, you may find yourselves not as successful as you hoped. Consultation services focuses on Parent Training can help couples navigate their new roles as parents while still strengthening their relationship bond with one another. 

  • Postpartum Training: As a support volunteer for Postpartum Support Virginia, Dr. Jones recognizes the need to continue to educate the public as well as health professionals about the seriousness of the effects of peri-natal mood disorders according to latest research developments. As a professional trained to work with this population, consultation services are available for small groups for those looking to learn more. 

Mental Health Professionals

  • 1:1 consultations services are available to discuss a particular clinical case and/or clinical situation via telephone and/or in person. 

Note: For call consultation services please call: 703-679-8955 for current rates. 

Consultation Services

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