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Individual Therapy

What is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy involves working with a mental health professional trained at a graduate level in the basic understanding of human development and biological bases of behavior. This training allows for the professional to work from a selection of many different treatment modalities tailored at not only addressing your presenting reason for treatment, but also in building a strong therapeutic rapport between patient and therapist. The specific type of treatment approach depends on the training, expertise and style of the clinician as well as what the clinician is treating. At Therahealing Psychological Services, the focus is on an integrative relational perspective using frameworks grounded in psychoanalytic theory, interpersonal therapy and mindfulness techniques. 

Why Do people Seek Individual Therapy?

People usually seek individual therapy to either fix a specific problem or to engage in a more fluid, open-ended process toward increased self-awareness. Some individuals may even start with one reason, and end up exploring other areas for treatment. Whichever reason fits best with you, there is an option for structured solution focused sessions as well as more self-explorative approaches. 

What Can I expect to get out of Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy can have both short and long-term effects. Many people begin to experience symptom relief in initial stages of therapy by being able to have a safe, non-judgement environment to explore thoughts and feelings. Initial short-term benefits often include strategies for managing and coping with distressing symptoms. Long-term benefits can offer deep structural change in the way one views themselves, others and the world and improved interpersonal relationships. 

Treatment Specialties: 

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