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~Authored by: Dr. Jessica Jones, Psy D., Owner of Therahealing Psychological Services, PLLC


Psychoanalysis is one of the treatment services I provide as a trained Psychoanalyst. Many people are familiar with the name and perhaps even the idea of “laying on the couch” while talking to a professional. However, not many people know exactly the difference between Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy; or that frankly it even still exists, as a reputable and effective form of treatment.


A psychoanalytic approach to treatment is based on the idea that many of the reasons behind the way we feel and act, are hidden from our conscious awareness. For example, we may think we may know why we do something, yet we keep doing it over and over again despite our wish to do and/or feel differently. Individuals may turn to psychoanalysis if they find that they have not been able to resolve long-standing issues on their own, or despite previous experience in therapy. Such issues may involve issues with work, relationships, mood, and/or how one feels about themselves. Psychoanalysis may also at times explore the history of early relationships as roadmaps into the unconscious motives and drives behind our current way of being.


One of the major differences between Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy is treatment length and frequency. In analysis, you can expect to be seen anywhere from 3-4 times a week over a period of 3+ years. Whereas Psychotherapy typically lends to 1-2 times a week, and while no definitive end time is established, often is shorter than Psychoanalysis. The frequency and duration of Psychoanalysis allows for a deeper level of treatment believed to lead to significant structural change in long standing personality patterns and symptom relief.


The term “Psychoanalyst” is not a federally protected title, and therefore it is important to make sure to assess the credentials of those providing such services. My background consists of training at  the Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis . Feel free to consult with me further about my credentials or any other questions about this form of treatment in a free 15-minute phone consultation. (P): 703-679-8955.


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