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Clinical Services

Individual Therapy

People usually seek individual therapy to either fix a specific problem or to engage in a more fluid, open-ended process toward increased self-awareness. Some individuals may even start with one reason, and end up exploring other areas for treatment. Whichever reason fits best with you, there is an option for structured solution focused sessions as well as more self-explorative approaches. See 'Read More' tab for more information regarding individual therapy and treatment:

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is usually initiated by one or both partners when there may be issues with loss of emotional and/or physical connection, difficult life transitions (e.g., move, long-distance, career adjustment, loss of employment, death/sickness of a loved one), infidelity (e.g., emotional and/or physical affairs), parenting difficulties or substance use. However, couples therapy can also be useful for strengthening the relationship bond or discussing issues as you embark on deeper level of commitment such as engagement, marriage, or welcoming a new baby. In instances where the relationship may no longer be viable, couples therapy can also be used to explore separation/divorce and co-parenting. See 'Read More' tab for more information regarding couples therapy and treatment:

Family Therapy

Family therapy is generally useful for similar reasons explained above in couples therapy, however issues can affect the entire nuclear unit and even extended family members. In some instances, you may seek family therapy to have help in better relating and understanding a specific family member. Family therapy is particularly helpful in providing a safe, open environment separate from the home to process difficult and/or distressing events. See 'Read More' tab for more information regarding family therapy and treatment:

Group Therapy 

Group therapy offers another treatment option in place of or in adjunct to individual therapy. One difference allows a person to be connected to others who share similar struggles/difficulties and can be an additional support from a peer perspective. Groups sometimes share a specific topic/theme or more general and open to discussing any topic one may want to share. See 'Read More' tab for more information regarding groups and what is currently open for enrollment:


Consultation is an excellent opportunity to gain outside expert knowledge regarding a clinical area of focus and can be done on a 1:1 basis or a group setting. Consultation services are also useful for other mental health professionals looking to consult regarding a particular case or clinical situation in which another professional may be an expert on or have additional useful information/resources. See 'Read More' tab for more information regarding my consultation services:

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