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Commonly Asked Questions When Getting Started 



Q: I’d Like to start therapy services, now what?


A: You can schedule an appointment by contacting us via this website, phone or email. Unfortunately, due to the nature of conducting therapy services, Dr. Jones is not always readily available via phone. For a quicker response, email correspondence works well, as the account is frequently monitored between sessions. Otherwise, if she is unavailable at the time of your call, please leave a detailed message and your call will be returned within 24 hours. Phone communication is reserved for appointment confirmation and or brief free 15-minute consultation. If in the event of needing emergency assistance, please call 911.

Contact Information:

Phone: 703-679-8955



Q: What does the free 15-minute phone consult entail?


A: The free 15-minute phone consultation allows you to speak directly with Dr. Jones to discuss your reason for seeking therapy and whether her expertise/training is a good fit for what you are currently experiencing. If she finds treatment may be better sought elsewhere, all attempt at additional referral information will be made.


Q: I’ve booked my appointment now what?


A: After setting your appointment via phone or email, you will receive a confirmation email via the preferred email you provided. The email confirmation will contain office address, appointment date and time, parking details and a link to complete online paper work through a secure online portal.


Q: What forms must I complete?


A: Before your initial session you will be required to fill out online forms through a secure online portal. The paperwork allows for you to consent to treatment and financial agreement. The paperwork also asks a few questions regarding your current mood and potential symptoms you may be experiencing. Such information is helpful in assisting the target areas that may be addressed in your initial session.


Q: What will my initial session entail?


A: The initial session is 55 minutes for individuals, and 55 minutes for couples. The initial session is a structured session in which Dr. Jones will gather detailed background information on you, as an expansion of the questions you filled out in the online portal. This information is for assessment purposes. After the conclusion of the assessment, Dr. Jones will share initial impressions of how to best address your reason for therapy, frequency and type of treatment. Providing you both feel the experience is a good fit, a follow-up regular appointment will be scheduled to begin therapy services.

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